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Mona Dress – Made to Order

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This design is named Mona, a dress fit for a Gothic Queen!

This Victorian inspired gown with beautiful beaded details can be made on a variety of different colors and it’s perfect for brides looking for a unique dress.

This dress takes 8 weeks to be made!

Mona is a bespoke dress that has no size limitations!

Designed and handmade by Maria Heller Designs.

Our Mona gown is designed to make you look like you’re stepping out of a realm of timeless elegance.

Check out the end of the photo gallery for fabric color swatches and include the number you want in the note of your order!

Please read our policies before purchasing! By purchasing you agree with the policies.


Do you want to pay in 3 installments?
You will pay the total in 3 months time. Each payment is one third of the total, one payment each month, no added cost to you!
(Check details on how our Payment Plans work in the “About” section, at “Your order”)

Please measure your skirt length in centimeters. Measure from above the navel to the floor. There’s a link to a video tutorial on how to measure yourself in the description box.

Please enter your bust circumference in centimeters.

Please enter your under-bust circumference in centimeters.

Please enter your waist circumference in centimeters.

Please enter your biceps’ circumference in centimeters.

Please enter your arm length in centimeters. Measure from shoulder to wrist.

We require our customers to speak English well, because as we work with customizations and measurements, it is absolutely necessary that we can communicate clearly, to avoid any miscommunication. In case something is wrong with the measurements you took we need to be able to contact you via email to sort it out, and we need to be able to understand each other clearly. It is also necessary to speak English, in case anything goes wrong with the shipping process, such as a wrong address or phone number or some missing information, and we need to contact you via email to sort it out. If you don’t speak English we encourage you to buy locally instead. Thank you for your understanding!

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The name of this dress, Mona, is inspired by a character from Anne Rice’s novel series, The Witching Hour.

The Mona gown is here to make your gothic bridal dreams come true!

The Mona dress can be made on ivory, with white beads, trims and appliqués for a more classical bridal look!

Our Mona gown is designed to make you look like you’re stepping out of a realm of timeless elegance, and is carefully drafted, cut, sewn and packed by just four caring hands: Oana’s and Maria’s; in our home workspace.

Made out of a gorgeous, high quality taffeta, this dress has a very wide skirt made of a full circle pleated by hand at the waist. The bottom hem of this dress is 10 meters wide (33 feet) so the skirt is very wide and it drapes beautifully.

The pleats are concentrated on the hips, fanning out on the sides making the wearer look like she is wearing a shaping garment.

These pleats are reinforced with felt on the inside to give dramatic volume to the hips, thus accentuating the waist and making it look optically smaller.

Like in Victorian times, the dramatic shape is given by padding the hips which automatically makes the waist look smaller. This special kind of pleats are called cartridge pleats and are folded and sewn by hand, a process that takes countless hours.

The top has a deep décolletage, and a V- shaped bodice that is slightly pointed downwards, all of these techniques made to emphasize the natural curves of the body.

The bodice is heavily decorated with trim, glass beads of various shapes and a handmade baroque appliqué made of black velvet which is drawn and cut by hand by us.

All the beading, the trims and the appliqués are carefully and meticulously sewn to the dress by hand.

Mona’s sleeves are slightly pleated at the top of the shoulders and they are tight around the arms, reaching the elbow. From the elbow down, the sleeves are made of gathered black chiffon so they are very wide and they flow beautifully.

The top of the dress is boned and structured, almost like a corset. The dress is fully lined and closes at the back with eyelets.

Check out the end of the photo gallery for fabric color swatches and include the number you want in the note of your order!

We are catering to clients of all shapes and forms by carefully crafting made-to-measure garments, built to fit each client like a glove.

We create a new pattern for each individual client, made to fit their unique measurements, thus accentuating and complementing the shapes and beauty of each body.

Bespoke garments have no size limits! When you order from us, rest assured that we cater to you, too!

To get your perfectly fitted dream dress, please measure yourself carefully! Ask for a friend’s help if necessary.

Please view our video instructions on how to measure yourself here.

Processing time: This dress takes 8 weeks to be made and around 5 working days to be shipped around the world. Please keep this in mind when ordering for an event or a special date.

Read details about how our payment plans work here.

Free tracked shipping on all orders! Shipping will take 1-2 weeks!

Ethical production of inclusive, high-quality, slow fashion, created with care and attention to detail, in a world focused on quantity and keen on the disposable.


Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Ivory, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


Chiffon, Taffeta

4 reviews for Mona Dress – Made to Order

  1. Luise

    I ordered this dress after ,what felt like years, wanting it and I couldnt be more happy. The Quality is perfect and it was nicley packaged. I almost cried when I put it on because I was so happy. It’s a literal dream dress.
    The pricing ist absolutley justified! It’s such a great work! Because of the pandemic I hadn’t the chance yet to wear it out, yet. But the time will come!

  2. Aleesha

    I managed to have a 2020 Halloween themed wedding and due to Covid the whole experience was quite stressful. The only thing besides my groom that was not stressful was getting my dream wedding dress. Maria was amazing. She communicated with me through the whole process, from setting up a payment plan, to sending my measurements, which was made easy peasy due to a handy video on how to. Along with how I wanted the back to be finished. She really cares about her work and the product. The level of craftsmanship literally gave my tears of joy. Sheer beauty. If you are on the fence about ordering, just do it. You will not be disappointed. 20/5 stars.

  3. Belfry Changeling

    Stunning! I recommend having help to get this on because it is a hefty beautiful truly marvelous piece of art. You can FEEL the quality and time put into this garment. It is not just another dress, it is worlds apart from that simple word. Thank you!!!

  4. Andra

    I fell in love with this dress the moment the girls first posted it on Instagram. I had saved the post and kept revisiting it until I finally gathered the courage to contact Maria and Oana and inquire about a custom wedding dress based on the original Mona design. Not only were they on board with my request, they even went the extra mile to ensure that everything they did matched my vision of the perfect wedding dress. I am so, so happy with the result, as it’s enchanting, a bit quirky and clearly made with my (the customer) satisfaction in mind! Oh, and regarding the original Mona dress – I saw it in person and it’s exactly as in the pictures, if not better – I genuinely gasped when I saw it, the details are absolutely perfect!

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