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This is our fantasy dress, Arietta. A medieval inspired princess dress, made out of 100% linen, with beautiful slashed sleeves, and corset style lacing in front. Arietta is a bespoke dress that has no size limitations!

The Arietta dress is designed to make you look and feel like a princess from a beloved but half-forgotten childhood fairytale!

Designed and handmade by Maria Heller Designs.

This dress takes 2-4 weeks to be made!


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Please enter your full height in centimeters. There’s a link to a video tutorial on how to measure yourself in the description box.

Please enter the length of the skirt in centimeters. Measure from above the navel to knees or to the floor (depending which length you choose)

Please enter your bust circumference in centimeters.

Please enter your waist circumference in centimeters.

Please enter your biceps circumference in centimeters.

Please enter your shoulders circumference in centimeters.

We require our customers to speak English well, because as we work with customizations and measurements, it is absolutely necessary that we can communicate clearly, to avoid any miscommunication. In case something is wrong with the measurements you took we need to be able to contact you via email to sort it out, and we need to be able to understand each other clearly. It is also necessary to speak English, in case anything goes wrong with the shipping process, such as a wrong address or phone number or some missing information, and we need to contact you via email to sort it out. If you don’t speak English we encourage you to buy locally instead. Thank you for your understanding!

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The name of this dress, Arietta, was inspired by the animation movie The Secret World of Arietty.

The Arietta dress is designed to make you look and feel like a princess from a beloved but half-forgotten childhood fairytale!

This dress is made of two components:
1. The white linen under dress
2. The linen over dress that can be made on a variety of different colors

The two dresses are not sewn together and can be worn separately.
Both dresses are knee length, but you can opt for full length at checkout!

The white linen under dress has short puffed sleeves and an off the shoulders neckline, this dress is wide and gathered by elastic over the shoulders.

The linen over dress closes in front with eyelets and is laced with sateen cord, corset style. The dress has an open front that lets the white under dress peak through. The sleeves are short and are made of multiple long pieces of fabric that let the white puffed sleeves underneath peak through.

The slashed sleeves are historically inspired and have reappeared in fashion throughout medieval, renaissance, Elizabethan and Tudor periods.

The bodice of the dress is fitted and boned, while the skirt is wide and gathered at the waist. The top of the dress is fully lined with the same linen as the dress.

The Arietta dress is designed to have V shaped gap in front, optically making the waist seem smaller and the bust seem fuller.

Because the top is boned and adjusts with lacing, it cinches the waist and bust, lifting the breasts and giving the torso an elegant slimmed look, accentuating the curves of the body. No bra is needed when wearing this dress. The top, when laced tight, is very supportive to the bust.

The Arietta dress is truly flattering on all figures, and accentuates the curves and beauty of each body type!

To get your perfectly fitted dream dress, please measure yourself carefully! Ask for a friend’s help if necessary.

Please view our video instructions on how to measure yourself here.

Processing time: This dress takes 2-4 weeks to be made and around 5 working days to be shipped around the world. Please keep this in mind when ordering for an event or a special date.

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Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Ivory, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow



Skirt Length

Floor length, Knee length


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