When you request a custom design, you enable us to create something truly unique and authentic. A piece that we haven’t made before and we won’t make after. One that will be truly yours.

You can’t wear anything more special or remarkable than a gown that was designed especially for you. We’re thrilled to start creating your dream dress!

Please fill out this form with as many details as you can, and attach any reference photos you find relevant.

No need to stress about sizes! This dress will be made to your unique measurements.

Please read our policies before requesting a custom order!

We require our customers to speak English well, because as we work with customizations and measurements, it is absolutely necessary that we can communicate clearly, to avoid any miscommunication. In the case of custom orders we will need to talk via email quite a lot, to go over measurements, fabrics, colors, style and deadlines and we need to be able to understand each other clearly. If you don’t speak English we encourage you to buy locally instead. Thank you for your understanding!

Creating a custom design for you will require further conversation via email, to get your custom measurements, decide on fabrics, pick colors, and get everything right down to the last detail.

Once you place the custom order request we will get back to you on email with a quote.

After you receive your quote, and if you are still interested in proceeding with your custom order, you will need to pay a consultation fee (100 €) which is not refundable.

The processing time for a custom design starts at one month

The starting price for a custom design is 500€

Custom designs can also be paid in three installments in the course of three months using a payment plan.

There is no shame in saying “I can’t afford this”. Truth be told, there are many things we would love to get for our business but we just can’t afford them right now. What we can afford however, is giving our customers the possibility to pay for their commissions over an extended period of time. Like this, the customer can save up and make payments when they are comfortable.

How our payment plans work:

We split the full price of the item into three payments that can be spread on the course of three months. The first payment is used to buy necessary fabrics and materials to make the commission. If something happens after the payment plan has started and the customer can’t go on with the rest of the payments, the first payment is nonrefundable.

We are going to start making the pattern and working on your commission soon after the first part of the payment plan is paid, however, the item will only be shipped after the payment has been made in full.

    Where do you wish to wear this dress? Is it for a special occasion?
    Do you prefer any specific fabrics? If not, don't worry, we'll suggest something suitable for you.
    What colors do you prefer?
    What's the style you're looking for? (gothic, fantasy, medieval, renaissance, elegant)
    What kind of neckline are you drawn to? (off the shoulders, plunge neckline, square)
    What's the length of the dress you want? (floor length, with train, midi, knee length)
    What kind of skirt you prefer? (pleated, circle skirt, tiered skirt)
    How would you like the sleeves? (sleeveless, puffed sleeves, tight sleeves, flare sleeves)
    Do you wish for any embellishments, beading, trim, ruffles, decoration?

    Request Custom Order
    Request Custom Order