Ethical production of inclusive, high-quality, slow fashion, created with care and attention to detail, in a world focused on quantity and keen on the disposable.

Meet the creator Maria Heller, and her business and life partner, Oana Heller
Maria Heller Designs is based in Transylvania, Romania, and offers handmade, timeless and unique designs built to last.
Every piece of clothing sold by Maria Heller Designs is carefully drafted, cut, sewn and packed by just four caring hands: Oana's and Maria's; in their home workspace.
Focusing on low-waste, quality fabrics sourced locally, unique designs and inclusive sizes, Maria Heller Designs gives each garment a sense of value not common in the modern fashion industry.

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About Us
About Us
About Us

Step into a realm of timeless elegance embraced by the breeze of centuries past.

Whether it's a couture wedding gown or a simple cotton day dress, our garments can be cherished and worn for many years – so each purchase is an investment not only in a garment that is made to last, but in the hope of a better future for the manufacturing industry.

We believe slow fashion is the future and the hope we can cling to in making a change for the better for our planet.

In this world of fast fashion people are expected to make their own bodies fit into standard sizes, instead of the other way around. If you ever felt frustrated when trying on off-the-rack clothes, know that it’s not your body that’s “wrong”, it’s the clothing. Do not blame your body. Blame the industry. The fault is in the production, not in your body.

Which is why we do not believe in using standard sizes. Each person's body is unique, so any attempt to make them fit in narrow boxes will leave a lot of bodies out of the equation. We hope standard sizing will slowly become a thing of the past, along with fast fashion.
When you order from us, rest assured that we cater to you too.

About Us
About Us

A stroll through the ages, in search of beauty and grace; times forgotten reshaping into dreams

When you buy from Maria Heller Designs you know who makes your clothes. It's Oana and Maria Heller, a couple living and working together in their home in Transylvania.

This tiny women-owned business has quality, ethics and inclusivity at its core.

Catering to clients of all shapes and forms by carefully crafting made-to-measure garments, built to fit each client like a glove.

Maria Heller creates a new pattern for each individual client, made to fit their unique measurements, thus accentuating and complementing the shapes and beauty of each body.

When you wear a well-made garment that fits you properly you are empowered by a new flavor of confidence.

Maria Heller Designs welcomes bridal clients who dare to dream and seek for something unique – couture gowns made-to-measure and designed together with and for our brides.

When you order a custom design you can expect authenticity and uniqueness – a dress sprung from your imagination, into the real world, not by a fairy godmother, but by two very dedicated women.

About Us