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Our Sophia Corsets are designed to make you forget about your day to day life and get carried away through echoes of centuries past.

These are 18th century inspired corsets with beautiful hand picked paintings of celebrated artists, printed especially for Maria Heller Designs and designed and made by us in our home atelier in Transylvania, Romania.

This corset is adjustable from size XS to 3XL! If you need bigger/ smaller sizes, please contact us!

Corset size measurements:

Bust: 84 cm to 127 cm (33 in to 50 in)

Waist: 63 cm to 114 cm (25 in to 45 in)

While a lot of though and care was put into the design and construction of these garments, these are fashion items and not corsets meant for tightlacing or for remodeling one’s body.

Very limited stocks. After they run out, they will not be restocked.


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This is our new collection of corsets inspired by classical paintings. The Style itself is called Sophia and the different options bear the abbreviated names of the paintings depicted on the canvass.

Our Sophia corsets are designed for the ultimate art lover

These 18th century inspired modern corsets were designed to perfectly showcase the artwork that was printed on the fabric. The fabric was custom printed for Maria Heller Designs.

Designed to make you look like you’re stepping out of a pre-raphaelite painting

All of these stays are drafted and handmade by us. We made the patterns ourselves in our home atelier, chose the fabrics for their quality, cut and sewn the corsets with the utmost care and regard for the type of fabric it’s made of and with the durability of the item in mind.

Properly cared for, this garment should last for many years.

This corset is adjustable from size XS to 3XL! If you need bigger/ smaller sizes, please contact us!

Corset size measurements:

Bust: 84 cm to 127 cm (33 in to 50 in)

Waist: 63 cm to 114 cm (25 in to 45 in)

Because the Sophia stays are highly adjustable, as one’s weight fluctuates through the years, the wearer doesn’t need to repurchase the stays when the wearer naturally goes up or down in size.

Because the corset is boned and adjusts with lacing, it cinches the waist and bust, lifting the breasts and giving the torso an elegant slimmed look, accentuating the curves of the body. No bra is needed when wearing this  ensemble. The corset, when laced comfortably tight, is very supportive to the bust.

The beautiful sateen bows are not just decorative, but they can be untied, controlling how high or low the top sits on your bust. You can choose to tie the ribbons lower, exposing more of the chest, or tie them higher, covering the chest completely.

Wear and versatility has been the most important factors in designing these garments: the wearer can dress up or down these stays and wear them with different outfits, from casual outfits with jeans and a turtleneck, to more fancier outfits for elegant occasions.

These stays can also be worn to renaissance fairs and such, if worn in combination with other such items like long full skirts, chemises, aprons and so on.

All of these stays are highly adjustable.

The pattern includes 2 side panels (one on each side) from where the wearer can adjust the corset to their specific size. The stays are fully boned with synthetic boning. They have 25  individually cut bones, with the purpose of giving the garment its shape, and mildly supporting the wearers bust. They are not meant to drastically chinch the waist, only to mildly smoothen the shape of the torso.

The Sophia has a closed front panel, so that the paintings are depicted in their full glory. The back of the corset is lacing up corset style, with eyelets. Getting dressed in the Sophia corset is possible un-assisted if one slides the corset over their head as it arrives laced (the back closed and the sides loose) and then proceeds to tighten the sides until the desired tightness is achieved.

While a lot of thought and care was put into the design and construction of these garments, these are fashion items and not  corsets meant for tightlacing or for remodeling one’s body.

Please wear this item as it was intended.

Together with this corset, we offer the possibility of purchasing the orange-pumpkin color chemise with puffed sleeves depicted in the images. The chemise is made of lightweight shiny taffeta that shifts its color slightly in sunlight. It’s a one size fits most chemise, 75 cm in length with a 150cm circumference at the base. The sleeves and the neckline are adjustable, with elastic inserts. Please select if you want to purchase the chemise as well as the corset.

Care instructions: This item is not designed to be worn next to bare skin, and should be worn over another garment (T-shirt, chemise, blouse, camisole etc.). If worn over another garment, as instructed, the corsets do not need to be washed, as the garment worn underneath will protect the stays from sweat or skin oils. If the garment gets dirty, it is advised to wash it by hand with soap in lukewarm water, and hang to dry or dry laid flat on a towel. We do not recommend washing it in the washing machine and drying it in a tumble drier. If this is done (washing machine/ tumble drier), the stays can be damaged.

The print on the front of the corset is made using a new technique and is not damaged by normal use of water (up to 40 degrees Celsius) or pressing iron, however we don’t recommend washing this garment too often, only when it gets dirty.

If it’s worn over a blouse, chemise, dress or any other top (as intended), it shouldn’t need to be washed often, as the item worn under it will protect the corset from sweat or skin oils.

Ethical production of inclusive, high-quality, slow fashion, created with care and attention to detail, in a world focused on quantity and keen on the disposable.

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Cupid, Lady Shalott, Mucha, Nymphs

Taffeta Chemise

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