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Forestyne Dress – Ready to Ship

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This is our fantasy dress named Forestyne.

Our Forestyne gown is designed to make you look like you’re stepping out of a medieval painting

This medieval inspired gown with beautiful trailing sleeves can be made on a variety of different colors and it’s perfect for brides looking for a unique dress.

Forestyne has two very adjustable sizes! One size adjusts between S and 3XL. The other size adjusts between XXL and 6XL

Designed and handmade by Maria Heller Designs.


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This ensemble is made of three parts:
1. The white linen chemise

2. The adjustable dress

3. The optional detachable sleeves matching the dress

All 3 parts are included in the price and are not sold separately.

Forestyne has two very adjustable sizes! One size adjusts between S and 3XL. The other size adjusts between XXL and 6XL!

Forestyne has optional detachable sleeves, matching the dress! Choose at checkout if you want the sleeves or not! The detachable sleeves are an add-on to this dress and are not sold separately.

The Forestyne dress is designed to make you look like a beautiful courtesan in a renaissance painting! It can be worn to ren faires, festivals, concerts, or casually, if you like feeling like a princess on a daily basis!

Made out of a durable fabric that doesn’t crease or snag easily, this dress has a wide circle skirt that is pleated by hand all around the waist. The dress has a boned bodice that is adjustable, lacing in 3 different places: in front and on both sides. The top adjusts on the sides with fabric loops, and in front with metal eyelets, both laced with sateen cord, corset style.

The dress is designed to have V shaped gap in front, optically making the waist seem smaller and the bust seem fuller.

The beautiful sateen bows are not just decorative, but they can be untied, controlling how high or low the top sits on your bust. You can choose to tie the ribbons lower, exposing more of the chest, or tie them higher, covering the chest completely.

The top has a beautifully decorated trim going all around the square neckline, and also around the sleeves, above the elbow.

Because the top is boned and adjusts with lacing, it cinches the waist and bust, lifting the breasts and giving the torso an elegant slimmed look, accentuating the curves of the body. No bra is needed when wearing this dress. The top, when laced tight, is very supportive to the bust.

The Forestyne dress is truly flattering on all figures, and accentuates the curves and beauty of each body type!

The white linen chemise is simple and classic, with short sleeves. It is wide and gathered. The neckline and cuffs are gathered by elastic. The dress is fully lined with the same fabric as the rest of the dress.

The detachable sleeves are an optional add-on! They are made out of the same fabric as the main dress.

Forestyne’s sleeves are like long breezy capes for your arms. They are made of a full circle of fabric each and they attach to the dress at the shoulders and they tie with 4 sateen ribbons on each sleeve.

The white chemise is designed to be seen through the gaps of the sleeves, like in a beautiful renaissance painting!

The skirt is 110 cm long! (43 in)

The skirt length is measured from the natural waist (6 cm / 2 in above belly button) to the ground. If you need a different length please contact us!

To get your perfectly fitted dream dress, please measure yourself carefully! Ask for a friend’s help if necessary.

Please view our video instructions on how to measure yourself here.

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Ethical production of inclusive, high-quality, slow fashion, created with care and attention to detail, in a world focused on quantity and keen on the disposable.


Black, Burgundy, Dark Green


Linen, Minimat

Detachable Sleeves

No, Yes


Adjustable (S to 3XL), Adjustable (XXL to 6XL)

1 review for Forestyne Dress – Ready to Ship

  1. Helene (verified owner)

    I received the dress a bit earlier than expected, and I absolutely loved it! However, there are some small issues that prevented me from giving this a 5* review that I feel need to be addressed.

    – Amazing quality! Seriously, the way everything feels, from the stitches to the fabric, is beyond words. Also, the fact that is was trimmed to fit my measurements is a very nice plus!
    – Looks divine. It swiches and moves around just like I thought it would, and feels really comfortable.

    – My main issue is with the sleeves. I was expecting to receive ribbons to tie them like in the photos, but instead there’s just a simple string, and for me, it was cut too short to adjust the sleeves comfortably. I’ll have to go and buy some new ribbon or string, which is a bit of a hassle considering the price of the dress, and means that the product photos are not true to what you receive.
    – The bustier sits a bit low for me, even with the big ribbons tied as short as possible, so I have to wonder what it’d be like on smaller frames (I’m an M/L for reference). Maybe it’s because I don’t know quite how to adjust it yet, but I feel like it’s worth mentioning.

    Overall those are issues that can easily be looked past, but I hope it helps the team to improve on the product next time someone orders it! Thank you for your amazing craftmanship and for the beautiful dress <3

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